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case study for ai seo site with results

Case Study: 1,500 Clicks per Month with AI SEO

Keegan (the owner of the site in the screenshot below) wanted to leverage AI content to rank his blog on Google. He had a clear objective: to boost traffic to his personal site, which featured content on business and personal blogging. Initially skeptical about AI's capability to produce rank-worthy content, especially for keywords with high difficulty, Keegan found out about Journalist AI and the results have been fantastic. The Number of Google Indexed Pages Increased by +300% The number

Jan 19, 2024
ai seo case study results

AI SEO Case Study: $0 to $10,000/mo in 3 Months

Luca, the owner of HSU Marketing agency, recently used Journalist AI to grow one of his personal sites. The results are clear as day showing that AI content can not only rank on Google but also drive revenue to a business. " Impressive results! " - SEMrush, 2024 Luca shared these results on his LinkedIn page, and with such an impressive growth, even SEMrush commented on Luca's post. Take a look: Furthermore, SEMrush data shows us the quick increase in both organic traffic and subsequently in

Jan 19, 2024
AI SEO Case Study results

Fintech Startup SEO Growth: 150 to 1200 clicks per month

Rauva is a fintech company operating out of Lisbon, Portugal. They started producing AI content for their blog in October, so far, here's their growth curve: One interesting thing about Rauva is they wanted to target international markets in their SEO strategy, in specific, the Portuguese market. This was the perfect case for Journalist AI, since it's able to produce content in over 150 different languages, Portuguese included! Before we dive into their SEO strategy with AI, here's a diagram

Jan 19, 2024
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