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Shopify AI SEO Blog Writer and Autoblog

Generate SEO-optimized articles for Shopify with the best ecommerce AI blog writer.

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How The Shopify AI Writer Works

Our AI plugs into your Shopify Store to write daily content that brings you clients.



It natively connects to your Shopify Store. No coding is required.



You can customize what type of content, how many articles, and how often you want to publish.



Our AI will generate and publish articles to your store on auto-pilot.

Get 3 Free Articles

Made for Business Owners

Journalist AI is a hands-off solution so you can focus on what matters - your business.

Setup in 5 minutes

Our AI has been specifically designed for owners who don't have time to write articles. Minimum overhead, maximum results.

Automated 24/7

The platform can craft articles every single day and it works tirelessly to get you more clients. It won't stop bringing you traffic unless you tell it to.

Premium Copy-Writing

More affordable and efficient than a traditional copy-writer. We bring you the best of AI right to your Shopify Store, in a simple way that you can understand.

Share your Account

Want to share your account with your team or assistants? Enable limited-access accounts to manage the platform for you.

Tailored Articles for Your Store

Feature-Rich and well-structured articles that are crafted for your brand and niche.

Automate your Blog today

Get your samples and start generating articles for your business.

Get 3 Free Articles

No credit card required

Articles in 30 seconds

Join 25,260+ business owners

Journalist AI

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