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Case Study: 1,500 Clicks per Month with AI SEO

Jan 19, 2024

Keegan (the owner of the site in the screenshot below) wanted to leverage AI content to rank his blog on Google.

He had a clear objective: to boost traffic to his personal site, which featured content on business and personal blogging.

results of publishing ai generated blog posts for SEO
AI Blog Content Results for Personal Brand Blog

Initially skeptical about AI's capability to produce rank-worthy content, especially for keywords with high difficulty, Keegan found out about Journalist AI and the results have been fantastic.

The Number of Google Indexed Pages Increased by +300%

The number of indexed pages in Google skyrocketed. This is a great sign since Google only indexes content that it thinks is valuable to its readers (i.e. quality content).

Here are the results:

  • Initial Indexed Pages: 137
  • Indexed Pages After AI: 981
  • Notable Traffic Increase: Visible growth in clicks and rankings across various categories.
increase number of indexed pages on Google using AI
Increase in Number of Indexed Pages After Leveraging AI

Before implementing AI in his SEO strategy, his site had a modest count of 137 indexed pages. After AI implementation, the indexed pages impressively increased to 981.

2,300 Impressions and 1,500 Clicks per Month

There was a substantial rise in clicks and rankings across various content categories.

The Google Search Console screenshot below shows the growth in both impressions and clicks for his blog.

AI SEO case study proof from google search console
Keegan's Organic Traffic Growth (solely AI content)

For these impressions and clicks, there was a healthy distribution between multiple pages on his site. The screenshot below shows some of these AI pages and their respective impressions/clicks distribution:

ai seo ranking pages
Click Distribution on AI-generated Blog Posts

The Process to Ranking a Site Using AI Content

Keegan speaks about the whole process in this YouTube video.

AI SEO blog growth for Keegan Edwards
Screenshot from Keegan's video breakdown (click the image to watch the video)

Here's the 4-step process he implemented:

  1. Step 1: Finding "Money" Keywords
  2. Step 2: Content Creation with Journalist AI
  3. Step 3: Publishing and SEO Optimization
  4. Step 4: Tracking Results using Google Search Console

Step 1: Finding "Money" Keywords

Keegan's process started with the strategic use of SEMrush's Keyword Magic Tool:

  1. Keyword Discovery: He initiated his search with broad terms like 'marketing strategy'.
  2. Difficulty Analysis: Keegan then focused on lower competition keywords, aiming for better ranking opportunities.
  3. Selection Process: After thorough analysis, he downloaded a list of optimal keywords, balancing search volume and difficulty.

Journalist AI also has a Keyword Research tool that completely automates keyword research and eliminates the need for using SEMrush.

Step 2: Content Creation with Journalist AI

The next phase involved crafting content using Journalist AI:

  1. Incorporating Keywords: He used specific keywords such as 'marketing plan vs marketing strategy'.
  2. Customizing Content: Keegan set various parameters like language and creativity level to tailor the content to his needs.
  3. Link Optimization: He included his sitemap for internal links and enabled automatic external linking for enhanced relevance.
  4. Article Generation: The tool produced a detailed, 2,000-word article, complete with internal and external links, a table of contents, and a meta description.

Step 3: Publishing and SEO Optimization

Integrating the AI-generated content into his WordPress site was streamlined through Journalist AI's integration feature.

  1. Seamless Publishing: With a single click, the article was live on Keegan's site.
  2. Enhancing with Yoast SEO: He utilized Yoast SEO to refine the article, focusing on readability and key SEO elements like meta descriptions and title tags.
  3. Effective Categorization: Keegan ensured proper tagging and categorization for improved organization and SEO efficacy.

Step 4: Google Search Console Indexing

The final step in Keegan's strategy was to get Google's recognition for his new content.

  1. Indexing Submission: He submitted the URL of the published post to Google Search Console for indexing.

The Outcome: A Leap in Blog Performance

Keegan's integration of AI into his blogging routine led to significant improvements:

  • Pre-AI: His site had a modest count of 137 indexed pages.
  • Post-AI: The indexed pages impressively increased to 981.
  • Traffic Surge: There was a substantial rise in clicks and rankings across various content categories.

Keegan's Original Video for this SEO Case Study

Leveraging Journalist AI for Automation

By leveraging Journalist AI's automation systems, Keegan had the ability to test multiple things and produce content at an extremely fast pace.

The image below shows some of the automated systems he implemented:

how Journalist AI works and it's automation capabilities diagram
Journalist AI Automated Systems for Content Marketing

Here's a detailed overview of what Journalist AI helped automate:

  1. Keyword Research (fully automated with Journalist AI - here's how)
  2. Wordpress Integration (Journalist AI integrates with Wordpress, Wix, Blogger, Webflow, Ghost, Zapier, and a dedicated API)
  3. Content Generation (based on the prior Keyword Research)
  4. Content Publishing (a mix of manual and automated publishing via the autoblogging feature)
  5. Syndication to Social Media

"Should I Use AI for My Business?"

The short answer is, Yes.

The long version is: if you don't do it, your competitors will.

The reality is that AI has come to stay, and the ones that don't leverage this amazing technology and tools built on top of it, will be left behind.

People who leverage AI writing tools can skip ahead of the line. They can automate their content generation, publishing, and syndication.

Not only that, but they don't spend resources on time-consuming tasks such as keyword research, internal/external link building, sourcing of in-article images and videos, and other tasks that AI helps automate.

If you don't leverage AI you'll climb the steps on the image below one by one, if you're leveraging AI, you'll still climb them one by one, however, you'll start closer to the top:

why you should use AI to create content for your blog
Leveraging AI for SEO Blog Content Analogy

This is just one of our result-backed case studies. Click here to read this fintech startup AI SEO Case Study.

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