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Byword AI vs. Journalist AI: Which is Better? (2024)

Oct 16, 2023
ZimmWriter AI vs. Journalist AI

Byword is an AI-powered bulk article generation tool. In this article we'll compare how it stacks against Journalist AI, also an AI-powered bulk article generation tool, focused on delivering large volumes of SEO-ready content.

A Detailed Comparison Between Byword.ai and Journalist AI

Features Journalist AI Byword
Free Plan Yes No
💰 Pricing Starts at $19/mo Credits: $5 - $3, Monthly Plans: Variable
Pay as you go plan Yes (starting at $0.80/article) Yes ($5 - $3/credit)
🤖 Real 100% Autopilog Autoblogging Yes No
Wordpress Integration Yes Yes
Webflow Integration Yes Yes
Blogger Integration Yes No
Shopify Integration Yes No
Wix Integration Yes No
Ghost Integration Yes No
Zapier Integration Yes Yes
Keyword-based Generation Yes Yes
Title-based Generation Yes Yes
Contextual-based Generation Yes Yes
Automatic in-article images Yes (+featured images) No
🎥 Automatic in-article videos Yes No
Automatic Internal Linking Yes No
Internal Link old articles with newly generated Yes No
Automatic External Linking Yes No
Mass Publishing Yes Yes
🌎 Languages Supported 150+ 9
Article Indexing Service Yes No
Create Presets for Future Batch Generations Yes No
Change Voice Tonality and Creativity Yes Yes
Change Writer Point of View Yes No
Sub user accounts Yes No
Priority Support Yes Unknown

Ease of Use and Accessibility

Byword AI

Byword AI offers a clean, user-friendly interface where you can start creating content by simply inputting a title or some keywords. The platform supports 9 different languages including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, and Turkish.

Journalist AI

Journalist AI is also designed to be user-friendly with a simple interface that allows for the generation of articles based on keywords, titles, or a description of your business and niche. The platform supports over 150 languages, providing a more extensive language support compared to Byword AI.

Quality of Content, Byword vs Journalist

Byword AI

Byword AI specializes in SEO article generation, ensuring the content created is optimized for search engines. This platform focuses on providing long-form informational content that is well-suited for SEO purposes.

Journalist AI

Journalist AI prides itself on crafting content that is well-structured, appropriate for your business, and ranks well on Google. It aims to produce human expert-level content that is informative and relevant to your business.

Journalist AI bulk generation methods allow for up to 1200 articles generated per day. Here's a short video on how it works:

Mass Generating articles with Journalist AI

Media Integration Byword vs Journalist AI

Journalist AI integrates with Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Webflow, Zapier, Blogger and Ghost
Journalist AI Integrations

Byword AI

Byword AI allows for the integration of relevant images into your articles, enhancing the visual appeal and providing a more engaging user experience.

Journalist AI

On the other hand, Journalist AI goes a step further by not only including copyright-free images but also allowing the inclusion of YouTube videos in the articles. This multimedia integration can potentially make the content more engaging and visually appealing to the audience.

Customization and Control

Byword AI

Byword AI allows for a high degree of customization in terms of interlinking. It provides automatic internal linking within articles, and the external linking feature helps in referencing high-quality, relevant sources, ensuring the content remains authoritative and well-sourced​.

Journalist AI

Journalist AI offers a range of customization options, from controlling the outline and structure of the articles to choosing the language and the level of creativity. It also offers bulk generation of articles based on user preferences, providing a more tailored content creation experience. The platform has a feature for internal and real-time external linking, which ensures the content remains updated and well-linked, enhancing the SEO efforts.

The level of control Journalist AI has (even while bulk generating) allows for generating articles with the following structure:

Comparing Byword with Journalist's Pricing

Byword AI

Byword AI operates on a credit basis, where one credit equals one article. The pricing starts at $5 per credit and can go down to $2 depending on the volume of credits purchased.

Journalist AI

The pricing information for Journalist AI is not publicly available, but they do offer three free articles for new users to test out the platform​.


Both Byword AI and Journalist AI bring a lot to the table in terms of automating content creation with a focus on quality and SEO. Your choice between the two would depend on your specific needs such as the level of customization, language support, and budget.

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FAQs about Byword.ai

What types of materials can I create with Byword?

Byword is versatile! It shines the brightest when crafting extensive informational pieces optimized for SEO. However, its utility doesn't end there. Various professionals and organizations utilize it for a multitude of article genres.

Initiate your journey with Byword by registering at the page header, where you'll receive complimentary credits. This will allow you to experience Byword's capabilities tailored to your requirements.

Is there a risk of Google penalizing the content produced by Byword?

Byword is engineered on a unique technological foundation, honed through years of aiding brands in AI content endeavors. Throughout its extensive project history, there hasn't been a single instance of client websites facing penalties from Google.

The capacity to identify AI-generated content has existed for a while now. However, Google's action of only targeting subpar content suggests a favorable disposition towards high-quality AI content like that generated by Byword.

How does Byword stand apart from ChatGPT/Jarvis/Copy.ai and others?

Byword's core specialty lies in generating SEO-centric articles.

While many other platforms offer a broader range of features, they often miss the nuanced expertise that comes from a singular focus. Every update and enhancement in Byword is aimed at simplifying the execution of extensive SEO campaigns.

Furthermore, Byword’s foundation is rooted in years of consulting with premier startups on the integration of AI in content creation, embedding a wealth of expertise within its algorithms.

What if I require content in multiple languages?

Byword extends support for nine distinct languages including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, and Turkish.

Post-registration, you can effortlessly switch your primary writing language within the app.

How is the pricing structuredByword?

The pricing model is credit-based, where a single credit translates to one article.

The initial price per credit is $5, however, it can reduce to as low as $2 based on the volume of your purchase.

Post-registration, a detailed pricing structure is accessible on your account page. For those needing a higher volume, attractive recurring plans are available at competitive rates.

Is there a provision to try before I buy Byword?

Certainly! Register either at the top of the page or while crafting your inaugural article below. Post-registration, a welcome bonus of 5 credits awaits you, offering a taste of what Byword can do.

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