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Drafthorse AI vs. Journalist AI: Which is Better? (2024)

Oct 11, 2023

In the modern digital landscape, compelling content is key to engaging and converting your audience.

Overview on how Journalist AI works

Both Journalist AI and Drafthorse AI offer unique platforms aimed at simplifying the content creation process. However, they cater to different needs and offer varied features.

This comparison aims to help you understand which platform aligns better with your requirements, although we have a soft spot for Journalist AI, and you'll soon understand why!

Drafthourse AI vs. Journalist AI
Drafthourse AI vs. Journalist AI

Comparing Journalist AI vs Drafthorse AI

Features Journalist AI Drafthorse AI
Free Plan Yes Yes
💰 Pricing Starts at $19/mo Starts at $40/mo
Pay as you go plan Yes (starting at $0.80/article) Yes ($2.5/article)
🤖 Real 100% Autopilog Autoblogging Yes No
Wordpress Integration Yes Yes
Webflow Integration Yes No
Shopify Integration Yes No
Wix Integration Yes No
Ghost Integration Yes No
Zapier Integration Yes No
Keyword-based Generation Yes Yes
Title-based Generation Yes No
Contextual-based Generation Yes No
Automatic in-article images Yes (+featured images) No
🎥 Automatic in-article videos Yes No
Automatic Internal Linking Yes No
Internal Link old articles with newly generated Yes No
Automatic External Linking Yes No
Mass Publishing Yes Yes
🌎 Languages Supported 150+ 100
Article Indexing Service Yes No
Create Presets for Future Batch Generations Yes No
Change Voice Tonality and Creativity Yes No
Change Writer Point of View Yes No
Sub user accounts Yes No
Priority Support Yes Unknown

In the realm of automated content creation, Drafthorse AI and Journalist AI emerge as strong contenders. Here’s an exhaustive comparison to help you decide the right tool for your AI content marketing needs.

SEO-Optimized Content Generation:

  • Drafthorse AI:
    • Specializes in creating SEO-driven articles.
    • Utilizes target keywords to improve organic traffic and search rankings.
    • Ideal for brands and niche site owners aiming to boost their online visibility​.
  • Journalist AI:

User-Friendly Content Creation Interface:

  • Drafthorse AI:
    • Simple keyword-driven interface for quick content generation.
    • Users upload a list of target keywords to get SEO-optimized articles​​.
  • Journalist AI:
    • User-centric platform with easy niche and topic selection.
    • Praised for its ease of use and intuitive interface for personalized content creation​.

Customization in Automated Article Writing:

  • Drafthorse AI:
    • Limited information on customization features.
  • Journalist AI:
    • Extensive customization for article structure, language, and creativity level.
    • Control over headings, sections, and tone of the articles.
    • Unique feature of specifying the level of creativity from Correct/Factual to Creative/Original.

Bulk Article Generation for Content Marketing:

  • Drafthorse AI:
    • Mass generation of SEO-optimized articles.
    • Suitable for large-scale content marketing campaigns.
  • Journalist AI:
    • Customized bulk-generation based on user preferences.
    • Capable of generating multiple articles at once with varying customization options.

Integration with Publishing Platforms:

  • Drafthorse AI:
    • Integration with WordPress, Webflow, Shopify for easy publishing.
    • Facilitates seamless transfer of content to various platforms​.
  • Journalist AI:
    • Extensive integration with various platforms including automatic posting.
    • Simplified content management and publishing workflow.

Download Formats for Generated Articles:

  • Drafthorse AI:
    • Offers txt, html, and markdown formats for flexible publishing.
  • Journalist AI:
    • Provides bulk download as a zip file or direct publishing to websites.
    • No specific mention of download formats but flexible publishing options available​ (Wordpress publishing, Shopify publishing, Wix, Ghost, and Webflow)

Visual Content Inclusion in AI-Generated Articles:

  • Drafthorse AI:
    • No information on visual content inclusion.
  • Journalist AI:
    • Enriches articles with copyright-free images and videos.
    • A visual appeal that enhances reader engagement and content value​.

User Satisfaction and Feedback:

  • Drafthorse AI:
    • No user feedback available.
  • Journalist AI:
    • Positive testimonials from diverse industries.
    • Highlighted for ease of use, high-quality article generation, and effective automation.

FAQ: Queries from Drafthorse AI Users

Q1: Can I customize the content generated by Drafthorse AI?

  • While specific customization options haven't been detailed, Drafthorse AI primarily operates based on the target keywords provided by the users.

Q2: How quickly can Drafthorse AI generate articles?

  • Drafthorse AI is capable of generating hundreds of SEO-optimized articles within minutes, making it a fast solution for content generation​.

Q3: What types of integrations are available with Drafthorse AI?

  • Drafthorse AI integrates with popular platforms like WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify for easy publishing of generated content​.

Q4: Can I download the articles generated by Drafthorse AI in different formats?

  • Yes, Drafthorse AI allows downloading of articles in txt, html, and markdown formats.

Q5: Is Drafthorse AI suitable for large-scale content marketing campaigns?

  • Yes, with its capability for bulk generation of SEO-optimized articles, Drafthorse AI is well-suited for large-scale content marketing campaigns​.

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