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What's Journalist AI ?

Oct 26, 2023

"Journalist AI" is an AI software that helps business owners automate their content marketing efforts. From automated content generation, to publishing by setting up an automatic blog, Journalist AI helps businesses streamline their content marketing processes.

What does Journalist AI do?

In short, Journalist AI helps business owners automate their content marketing efforts by automating content writing and publishing.

The AI software is leveraged by businesses all around the world to increase the rate at which content is produced, as well as saving costs by not having to hire human copywriters.

Journalist AI
Journalist AI Landing Page Preview

What type of content does Journalist AI produce?

The type of content Journalist AI generates with a few clicks is impressive. Every piece of content includes the following:

  • Niche-relevant featured image that characterises the article
  • A structured interactive table of contents
  • In-article, niche-relevant images and videos
  • Internal links (i.e. links that point to other blog posts or pages on your site)
  • External links (i.e. links that point to authoritative sources in the niche and language the article was generated in)
  • CTAs for a brand's product or service
  • Formatting with tables, bullets, and bolded important keywords to improve the reader's experience

Here's an example of the content generated with Journalist AI:

Journalist AI creates unique content with images, videos, links and more
Content Created using Journalist AI

Why Should Businesses Leverage AI Tools?

The reality is that AI is here to stay. From 2024 and beyond business onwers that don't leverage AI for their marketing efforts are going to get left behind.

An analogy that Vasco (co-founder of Journalist AI) likes to make is the "stair analogy". Essentially, it goes over how AI helps businesses go up the stairs faster. By going up these "stairs" faster, they reach success faster than the competition.

The image below details the analogy above mentioned:

Journalist AI helps businesses scale marketing efforts faster
How AI Helps Businesses Scale Faster

In short, a tool like Journalist AI helps business owners stand out from the competition, and more importantly, help them navigate the content marketing space faster and more effectively. This video goes over this concept in detail.

What Platforms does Journalist AI Integrate with?

Journalist AI integrates with wordpress, wix, webflow, shopify, blogger, ghost, and zapier
All Journalist AI Integrations (as of 2024)

One of the most fascinating features of Journalist AI is their plethora of integrations. This allows for it to be a smooth plug into any business's backend.

Journalist AI integrates with the following platforms:

If you want to learn more about these integrations you can find detailed tutorials on each of them below:

Who created Journalist AI

Journalist AI was created by two Portuguese founders, Vasco and Afonso.

Both founders had already successfully worked in the past in developing projects online, however, this was their first go at an AI-based product.

Their first venture together started in Vasco's parent's basement. Here's a picture:

Journalist AI founders are Vasco and Afonso from Portugal
Journalist AI founders, Vasco and Afonso

Journalist AI was born out of a necessity to create a better and unique product than what was available in the market.

What are the Use Cases for Journalist AI?

The great thing about Journalist AI is that because it integrates with the most popular platforms online (i.e. Wordpress, Webflow, Blogger, Shopify etc..) the possibilities are endless.

Here's what you can use Journalist AI for:

  • Automate your business's blog by setting up an automatic blog
  • Increase your Shopify's store perceived value by generating niche-relevant, brand-tailored content for your store's blog
  • Generate content for you local business
  • Automate content publishing to save you time

There's more you can do, click here to find how Journalist AI can help your business.

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