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Automate Your Shopify's Store Blog Content (with AI)

Oct 20, 2023

You have a Shopify store (and a blog).

You don't have time to focus your efforts in growing your store's blog.

Leveraging AI is your best bet.

Having an AI assistant that generates and posts content to your Shopify's store blog on autopilot is now possible.

By leveraging AI to automate your Shopify's store blog you can:

  • Generate niche relevant content for your Store
  • Publish of brand tailored content
  • Add internal links to your products
  • Add in-article product images and videos

Populating Your Shopify's Store Blog with AI Content

To populate your Shopify's store blog with AI Content you need to leverage Journalist AI - an AI writing and automation assisting tool.

The video below details exactly how to generate 1200 articles/day and automatically post them to your Shopify's store Blog.

Automating Shopify's Store Content with AI (in-depth tutorial

Leveraging AI for eCommerce Shopify Brands

The reality is AI makes humans 10x more productive. If you can have AI write and publish content to your Shopify blog, you should.

As a Shopify store owner you're busy with fulfilling orders, customer support, 3PL, and so much more. By leveraging AI you can have your blog run on autopilot.

Journalist AI produces content based on your Shopify brand's assets. That is, content that's factual, up-to-date, in your brand's tonality, unique, and consistent to your brand's values.

Here's how it works:

  • Upload your Shopify brand's assets (site, socials, docs..)
  • Connect with Journalist AI
  • Produce brand-tailored, factual, and up-to-date content

Here's a visual:

generate branded AI content tailored to your brand
Journalist AI Shopify Branded Content Generation

It's simple. Plug-in your brand, let Journalist do its magic - try it out.

Journalist AI does this for you - try it out.

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