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Automatic SEO for Shopify (2024)

Nov 20, 2023

If you're looking for a tool that automates your Shopify's store SEO you've come to the right place. With the rise of AI SEO tools, automation has become increasingly popular amongst the e-commerce DCT brands space.

Tutorial: Automatic SEO Autoblogging with Shopify

In this blog post I'll guide you step-by-step on how to automate your Shopify's store SEO with a few clicks. Looking for a full guide on Shopify Dropshipping for 2024? Check the YouTube channel.

Automating your Shopify's store SEO

To automate your Shopify e-commerce store SEO you'll need to leverage AI.

The AI tool you'll need is called Journalist AI - it creates and posts SEO-optimized content on autopilot.

Here's the 3 things Journalist AI helps you with in terms of automation:

  1. Automatic Keyword Research (i.e. add your Shopify's store URL, it'll analyze your domain as well as your competitors and come up with keywords you should be producing content for)
  2. Automatic SEO-optimized content generation. The content includes niche-relevant images, videos, internal/external links, and CTAs to your products.
  3. Automatic content publishing (i.e. autoblogging with Shopify)

With these three functionalities you'll be able to completely automate your Shopify's store SEO efforts.

Producing Brand-Tailored SEO Content for Your Shopify Store

The reality of automating keyword research, content creation, and content publishing is that at times the content can be generic.

However, with Journalist AI, the content is brand-tailored. The reason that is, is because you can connect your Shopify store to Journalist AI's "brain" and leverage the "brands" feature.

By connecting your Shopify brand you'll also connect your brand's assets, like so:

Journalist AI brand's with Shopify
Connecting your Shopify Brand to Journalist AI

This means the content produced will be brand-tailored (i.e. in your brand's tone of voice, with your brands mannerisms, images, videos and more). The content isn't just AI-generic, it's produced as if it were you (the brand owner) writing it.

Automating your Shopify's Store SEO (with AI)

The automation process is simple and includes 4 steps:

  1. Connect your Shopify store's blog with Journalist AI
  2. Create a "preset" for your content generation
  3. Leverage the "Brands" feature to produce brand-tailored content (optional)
  4. Setup an Autoblog (i.e. this allows for the generated content to be automatically published to your Shopify store)

After following the above steps you should have all the necessary means to fully automate your Shopify's store SEO.

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