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Link Whisper Alternative for 2024

Jun 01, 2024

If you're looking for an alternative to Link Whisper, it's called "Journalist AI".

What this alternative does is exactly what Link Whisper does, but 10x better. Here's how it works:

Link Whisper Alternative and how it works

Because it does everything Link Whisper does, just 10x faster and more effectively. It gives you more options and automates the entire process.

It builds both internal links and external links automatically. It allows you to update old existing posts with new links with a click of a button.

How does it work?

You can select your site, and once it's set up, it analyzes and gives you a list of all the posts on your site. You then choose the post you want to add links to and decide if you want internal or external links. By clicking generate, the AI automatically adds both types of links to your post.

For example, let's say I want to add links to a post about "seven tips for gardening as a newbie." I can link to my Shopify store, other products, or related blog posts. The AI will read through the post, find the best places to add links, select the anchor text, and provide a list of potential links. These could be internal links to other pages on my site or external links to relevant sources like Wikipedia or TechCrunch.

I connected my site and selected an article about creating a video content strategy for SEO. The AI goes through the pages on my site and finds the best places to link to, using the sitemap I uploaded. For internal links, I can filter by blog posts or other criteria. For external links, I can exclude competitors and set other rules. Once I click generate, the AI processes the article, analyzes it, and suggests the best internal and external links.

The AI then provides a list of potential links with previews. I can choose which ones to include and insert them into my post. After refreshing the article, the new links appear, enhancing the content with relevant connections.

This feature is powerful for updating old posts and improving their link structure.

Because of all this, using Link Whisper is no longer a smart choice.

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