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Is AI Content Good for SEO? (2024)

Nov 08, 2023

As AI slowly takes over the world, search engines like Google and Bing have to adapt to how content is produced.

In today's world, more and more people ask themselves if AI content is bad for SEO.

So is AI content good for SEO?

The short answer is: it depends

Let's dive in on how AI content can be beneficial for SEO, as well as the cases where it can be detrimental.

Using AI Content for your SEO Efforts : is it good?

The reality is that Google doesn't necessarily care who or what writes the content, as long as it's valuable for their customers.

In the following video Vasco goes over how AI can be beneficial for SEO under specific circumstances. Take a look:

Is AI Content Good for SEO?

Does Google know if my Content Is AI Generated?

Yes, Google knows when content is generated leveraging AI tools.

That said, Google's goal is to serve their users the best they can. This means they're not looking to penalize AI written SEO content, just like they're not looking to penalize human-written content.

As long as the quality of the content is great, and it satisfies the user's intent, Google will continue on valuing that content.

Why You Should Leverage AI tools for SEO Content Creation

AI tools help streamline the content creation process. That is, from keyword research, to ideation, to generation and finally publishing.

Journalist AI is the best tool for the job, here's why leveraging AI puts you ahead of the competition:

Journalist AI for leveraging AI for SEO content
Why Leveraging AI Tools Is Important

The "stair-diagram" above perfectly encapsolates the concept or "getting head by leveraging AI tools".

Manual labour will have you start from step 1, tools like Chatgpt will have you start from the middle of the stair, however, a tool like Journalist AI will have you start from the very top.

AI content is good for SEO, as long as you're leveraging AI tools the right way. In the video below I go over the "stair-diagram" concept, as well as how to best leverage AI for SEO content production:

Leveraging Journalist AI for SEO Content Creation and Publishing

So, is AI good for SEO?

The short answer is yes, however, one has to know how to leverage AI and use it as a tool for the best possible outcome.

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