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Automatically Add YouTube Videos to Wordpress Blog Posts

Nov 24, 2023

You can now leverage AI to automatically add YouTube videos to your Wordpress blog posts. This is achieved by using Journalist AI's automatic video placements.

Adding Videos to your Blog Posts (with AI)

Adding engaging content like videos and images to your blog posts can significantly enhance their appeal. Journalist AI offers a straightforward way to automate this process, ensuring your WordPress blog remains dynamic and visually appealing. Let's dive into how you can use Journalist AI to automatically integrate videos into your articles.

Here's a step-by-step video tutorial:

Automatically add videos to your blog posts with Journalist AI

Getting Started with Journalist AI

Journalist AI is a tool designed to add niche-relevant videos and images to your content automatically. Whether your article is about gardening tips or tech advice, Journalist AI ensures that the added videos are relevant to your content.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Journalist AI

  1. Accessing Journalist AI: Start by visiting the Journalist AI platform and navigating to your dashboard.
  2. Generating Articles: Click on 'Generate Articles' and select 'Advanced Mode' for the most options and control over your content.
  3. Creating a Preset: Set up a new preset for your content type, for example, 'My Test Preset for Videos'. This allows you to customize your article generation preferences.
  4. Choosing Generation Mode: You have options like Business Description, Specific Titles, or Keyword Mode. Each mode tailors the AI's generation process to your specific needs, whether it's SEO optimization or content style.
  5. Adding Content: Enter the titles or descriptions for your article. For instance, "How to Repair an iPhone" or "Top 10 Tips to Make Your Mac Faster."
  6. Selecting Language and Tone: Choose from over 150 languages and set the tone of your article, such as academic or formal.
  7. Structuring Your Article: You can include calls to action, internal linking to other articles, and choose whether to link externally.
  8. Incorporating Images and Videos: Select your image sources and add YouTube video links relevant to your article content.
  9. Finalizing and Generating Content: After setting up your preferences, create the new preset and generate your article.

The Power of Automation in Article Creation

Journalist AI doesn't just add text; it creates a comprehensive structure that includes:

  • Titles
  • Table of contents
  • Featured images
  • Headings (H2s, H3s)
  • Paragraphs
  • In-article images
  • Videos
  • Internal and external links (if set up)
  • Calls to action

This holistic approach ensures that your article isn't just informative but also visually appealing and engaging.

Posting to WordPress or Shopify

Once your article is ready, you have the option to post it directly to your WordPress or Shopify site. This seamless integration streamlines the publishing process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.

Autoblog for Automated Publishing

If you're looking for even more automation, Journalist AI offers an Autoblog feature. This functionality allows for the automatic generation and posting of content to your website, perfect for maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Journalist AI is a game-changer for bloggers and content creators looking to enhance their WordPress sites with rich, engaging content. By automating the inclusion of videos and images, you can save time while ensuring your blog remains visually appealing and relevant.

This tutorial has covered how to use Journalist AI for adding videos to your articles. For more information and advanced features, check out the links in the description. Experiment with Journalist AI and see how it transforms your content creation process!

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