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The Free Autoblogging Plugin for Wordpress 2024

Nov 09, 2023

Autoblogging with Wordpress is now possible with this free plugin. Journalist AI enables autoblogging for Wordpress and any other CMS.

What is Autoblogging?

Autoblogging is the process of having a blog running automatically (i.e. generating and posting content) while you just sit and see it work.

The video below explains in detail how Autoblogging for Wordpress works:

Autoblogging with Wordpress - In-depth video tutorial

Understanding Autoblogging

Before we delve into the plugins, let's clarify what autoblogging is. It's a technique that uses software to automatically generate posts for your blog. This software, often referred to as an autoblogging plugin, sources content from RSS feeds, social media, or other websites and posts it on your blog according to your preset preferences.

Why Use an Autoblogging Plugin for WordPress?

Autoblogging can be particularly useful for website owners who want to keep their blog updated with the latest content without having to manually write or curate it all. It's also beneficial for those looking to create a niche news site, aggregate industry-specific information, or even populate a new website with content to get it started.

Finding the Right Plugin

When searching for an "autoblog plugin for WordPress free" or "free WordPress autoblog plugin," you'll come across several options. It's important to choose one that's reliable, user-friendly, and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Fortunately, there are several free autoblogging plugins available that can meet these criteria.

Top Free Autoblogging Plugins for WordPress

  1. WordPress Autoblog Plugin Free Download
    Some plugins are available directly from the WordPress plugin repository. They can be installed with just a few clicks and typically come with basic features to get you started with autoblogging.
  2. Autoblog WordPress Plugin Free
    These free plugins often allow you to curate content based on keywords, URLs, or even specific authors. You can also set the frequency of posts, ensuring that your site stays up-to-date without overwhelming your readers.
  3. Autoblog WordPress Automatic Plugin Free Download
    With the more advanced plugins, you may find additional features such as the ability to translate content, source images, and even spin text to create unique versions of the articles.

Setting Up Your Autoblog

After choosing your "autoblogging plugin WordPress free," installation and setup are typically straightforward. You'll need to configure the source of your content, decide on the frequency of posts, and set up any additional filtering options. It's also crucial to ensure that the content you're sourcing is appropriate for your audience and that you're respecting copyright laws.

Maximizing the Potential of Autoblogging

To get the most out of your "free autoblog plugin WordPress," it's essential to combine it with some manual oversight. Periodically review the content being posted to ensure it aligns with your blog's goals and provides value to your readers. Additionally, consider enhancing autoblogged content with your commentary or insights to give it a personal touch.


Autoblogging can be a powerful tool for maintaining an active blog with minimal effort. By leveraging a "free autoblogging plugin for WordPress," you can save time, keep your site dynamic, and provide a wealth of information to your visitors. Remember to choose a plugin that fits your needs and to manage your autoblogged content wisely to build a successful and engaging online presence.

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