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Autoblogging AI is Starting a Content Revolution (in 2023)

Oct 05, 2023

Autoblogging.ai is an AI content writing assistant. It helps users create content optimized for search engines.

In this article, we deep dive into one aspect that most businesses miss out on - blogging and how AI brings in a game changer in Autoblogging AI.

A Content-First Approach

Small business owners working on their business efforts while developing content
Every small business needs to prioritize content as a key pillar

You can be a single-person business running a dropshipping store from products sourced from China or even a Fortune 500 Company in consulting - in 2023; everyone needs to be on a content-first approach.

This effort is complemented by hundreds of entrepreneurial leaders and thought leaders. Prominent entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary Vee) expresses vividly that every business needs to become a content publisher rather than a salesman, dishing out content instead of a product.

Gary Vee quote on AI content generation
Serial Entrepreneur Gary Vee on content output

"Try to put out content that educates instead of sells. You start becoming more of a publisher [who's focused on] editorial than you do a salesman. That simple rule is probably the best that I've seen people use to become successful,"

While a strong social media presence brings instant gratification for short-term wins, you often need to catch up on the building block that sets the entire precedent for any business - your website and its blog.

The Building Block of Businesses

In a business’s content strategy, having a blog is important for a business
In the content triangle, having a blog has proven more beneficial for businesses over other platforms

Every business needs a blog.

Many businesses need to complete this step when they start, only to revert five or six steps down the line, but a business starts with a website and blog content.

According to a study from HubSpot, businesses with a website and a blog have generated more than 55% in website traffic, eventually resulting in better conversions.

How? Because more visitors means more people to convert to sales and leads.

But most businesses tread the other way, with hundreds of different reasons for choosing not to.

  • Creating blog content is tough
  • It takes time to develop good, comprehensive, and complete blogs
  • You need extensive budgets to build a blog

And in this thought, they miss out on a goldmine of opportunity.

  • Easy discoverability on Google Search - through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Increased recognition - having a blog increases your brand visibility
  • Ability to build trust - customers perceive a business as a professional establishment that builds credibility and is comprehensive
  • Creating a community - social platforms do not give complete control, while your blog and website are one place where you have complete control of your audience

High-Quality Content is Demanding

Let's face it: writing high-quality content is time-consuming and needs expertise, and inspecting and supervising this effort as someone handling multiple avenues becomes challenging.

This is where many businesses hit a natural roadblock - bringing a halt in their growth curve.

But, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses and entrepreneurs don't need to be stressed about it today. Autoblogging AI allows you to harness the power of a blog and reap unassessible returns.

A task that felt futile and tiresome now becomes simplified with the influx of Autoblogging AI.

The 'Secret Artilery' - Autoblogging AI

Autoblogging AI tools making life simplified for businesses to operate and manage blog content
Through Autoblogging AI tools, the complex process of blog content is simplified

What is Autoblogging AI?

Imagine you had yourself a team member who would provide you seamless, perfectly optimized, impactful content that compliments your business objectives in informing, educating and building conversion leads.

Only that this team member was AI (Artificial Intelligence) and works 100 times faster and is more accurate at the same time.

Enter - Autoblogging AI.

Artificial Intelligence Autoblogging or AI Autoblogging is a transformational approach now available for content creation. Through the use of AI, the solution has the capability of automating the entire process of content generation for your blog, transforming your space to be seamless, efficient and standout.

What once felt like an impossible mountain to summit now is a cable car ride to the top in minutes.

Several apps are now available for any business to entail the benefits of Autoblogging AI, and one near-perfect option for any business to utilize is Journalist.

Journalist is a simple, easy-to-use platform that takes the complexity of great content writing into tiny actionable steps that are easy to use and integrate for even someone without experience in content creation.

From a simple prompt and instructions, Journalist can generate high-quality, high-yielding content that is discoverable by Google and seamlessly integrates with your business needs in creating high-quality blog content.

The Journalist AI Advantage

By now, you would've already used any of the OpenAI platforms that are freely available to anyone and might wonder why you would not approach this in the standard form.

But the Autoblogging AI in Journalist is different.

In the midst of AI and SEO optimization, businesses often need to remember that they are creating content for another human in front of a screen to read.

That's where Journalist's proprietary AI stands out from the standard OpenAI application.

Instead of submitting to a standard AI tool that utilizes OpenAI and hopes for a good article, Journalist brings in a proprietory prompt process that ensures that every article matches expectations, is readable and is highly comprehensive to feel like the article is written for a human to read.

Here, users will not need to have hope but instead expect quality.

Here's how Journalist's Autoblogging AI brings life to your new blog

  • Exceptional Content Generation: Journalist is trained with vast datasets with Natural Language Processing to understand language patterns.
  • Tailor-made Generation Modes: Easy to customize to anyone's business's needs, with the different generative options. Simple Mode is for anyone looking for quick content, Titles Mode generates topics based on the inputs listed, Keywords Mode allows you to enter the relevant keywords to build content that is discoverable on Google, and Advanced Mode allows you to customize writing to your objective (tone, complexity, call to action and formatting)
  • Easy Integration: Integrate Autoblogging with WordPress and the ability to connect your Shopify account with ease. With the Autoblog AI option, you can automate Autoblogging for WordPress with no additional step to publish.
  • Ability to build presets - Businesses can create their tone and voice with presets to generate content in a pattern unique to their business.
  • Rich Content - Autoblogging AI will include photos and videos and get a well-formatted delivery that is crisp and invokes someone to read until the end

Using Journalist AI Autoblog to Generate 200+ Articles

Writing 200 articles? A tough challenge but achievable

Writing 200 articles in 2 minutes? Impossible.

But, with Journalist's AI Autoblog? It's a simple step breakdown.

In this video, we run through the basics of generating 200 articles through Journalist's AI Autoblogging feature.

Step by Step Process for Journalist as a business.

  1. Sign Up for your Free 3 Article Trial: this allows you to test all the features on the Journalist Dashboard.
  2. Subscribe for a Plan: Once you've understood the simplistic approach that the platform provides, let's hover over to the next step in getting a subscription to start. Based on your requirements, there are three plans to choose from. You also get an option to pay as you go per article that you generate.
  3. Start creating: now, you have the dashboard to create your articles.

Getting Started with Your Blogs

Now, you have three options for generating your content to your will. We will go through all the options to understand the simplified process.

  1. Simple Mode: Ideal for anyone who wants to get started. You input your business URL (optional) and type a brief description of your business and what it does. After you input the number of articles you want, Journalist takes care of the rest.
  2. Titles Mode: If you have topics for which you want blog content written, the titles mode can come in handy.
  3. Keywords Mode - allows you to generate articles based on the shortlisted keywords and build content from thereon.
  4. Advanced Mode: this is more like ‘god mode’, which allows you to seamlessly build end-to-end articles complete with feature images, in-line images, embedded YouTube videos and formatting.

Using Journalist's Presets for Your Blog Posts

The advantage comes with the Presets option on the advanced option, allowing you to have complete articles to your requirement with a few inputs. Once you create the preset, the rest is an easy-step option to have 200+ articles that matches the exact expectation - the way you want your content to be structured

On a preset, you have several options to customize and optimize to get all the details right.

  1. Base Description - entering the basic information your business
  2. Content Language - creativity & originality and tone
  3. Structure - If you have an option to have call to actions integrated to the content
  4. Headlines - addition of automated headlines
  5. Internal linking - build internal links to pages or posts within your website
  6. External linking - adding external links relevant to your niche and language
  7. Images - adding relevant free stock images to compliment the te
  8. Formatting - choose what keywords or focus words you want to highlight

Taking a Step Further - Autoblogging for WordPress

With WordPress being the most popular Content Management System (CMS), with 39.5% of all the websites on the internet hosted on WordPress, Journalist provides an even more straightforward way forward to integrate with WordPress.

With this integration and your preset, you can automate the entire process of compiling content for your business’s blog hosted on WordPress in a few minutes.

Through the integration option on the dashboard, you can customize content publication, be it the number of articles to publish and the publishing interval.

Once configured, you will not need to worry about not having content on your business’s blog or website any more.

Reviewing and Editing

As much as AI tools are becoming a vital cog, and journalists can deliver 100% unique content, you will still want to make some tweaks to ensure the content aligns with your brand and identity.

Remember that AI is a tool that compliments you in content creation, and the final touch will always come from a human.

The New Age of Content is Here

We’ve surely known for a while that AI will soon take over many work streams since the beginning of 2023. As we explored through this article, Journalist’s AI Autoblogging tool provides infinite possibilities for businesses to expand their horizon in content creation to build an identity of their own.

The platform’s AI capabilities in producing perfect and wholesome SEO-optimized content rank it ahead of its competitors.

Whether you are a small business or a bigger organization, Journalist can be a valuable tool to revolutionize how you see content creation.

Journalist takes the complex task of content creation and breaks it down to be more streamlined and actionable to combat the challenges of blogging.

As we move forward, Autoblogging AI tools will continue to shape how we see content. But as someone reading this article, you have the advantage to be an early adopter to take advantage through Journalist to propel your business in this changing digital landscape.

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