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Autoblogger for Wordpress : The Ultimate Guide (2024)

Dec 15, 2023

So you want to create an autoblogger for your Wordpress site. In this post I'll give you a step-by-step guide guide.

In case you prefer watching a video, below is the tutorial for setting up your autoblogger, alternatively, the written version is below:

Autoblogger Tutorial : Setting up an Autoblogging Content Site

What's an Autoblogger (and how does it work)?

An autoblogger is a blog that automatically generates and publishes content with a chosen frequency. The autoblogger's objective is to leverage AI to generate engaging "SEO optimized" content and then automatically publishing it to your blog.

You can setup your autoblogger here.

Autobloggers like Journalist AI work by either curating content from predefined RSS feeds, websites, or social media platforms, or by generating original content using AI algorithms. They can also integrate SEO optimization, ensure content relevance, and even adapt the writing style to match the target audience.

Best Practices for WordPress autoblogger success:

  • Ensure content uniqueness to avoid SEO penalties.
  • Regularly update your autoblogger criteria to keep content fresh and relevant.
  • Integrate social media sharing to enhance reach and engagement.
  • Add engaging in-article images, internal/external links, videos, and other features to make your article rank higher on search engines like Google

Autoblogger for Other CMS

The good thing about setting up an autoblogger, is that it works for Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Blogger, Webflow, and Ghost.

autoblogger integrations with different CMS platforms
Possible Autoblogger Integrations

Each CMS has its unique integration process for autoblogger tools:

  • Shopify: Ideal for e-commerce-related content, integrating autoblogging can enhance product descriptions and blog sections.
  • Wix: With its drag-and-drop interface, adding an autoblogger can enhance the content creation process for business and personal sites.
  • Blogger: Given its focus on blogging, an autoblogger can exponentially increase content output.
  • Webflow: Known for its design flexibility, Webflow can benefit from autoblogging in maintaining a dynamic and updated website.
  • Ghost: As a professional publishing platform, Ghost can leverage autoblogging for consistent, high-quality content generation.

Using Autoblogger for Automatic Posting to your Blog

Journalist AI offers an "Automatic Posting" feature, allowing you to set a schedule for generating and publishing articles, effectively running your blog on auto-pilot. This makes Journalist AI act like a full-time content creation employee. Additionally, the platform boasts easy integration with websites and includes integration with Zapier, enabling you to send articles to various platforms​​.

Autoblogger Internal and Real-Time External Linking

A unique feature of Journalist AI is its ability to perform intelligent internal linking by analyzing your website's structure and semantically linking articles.

It also offers real-time external linking, analyzing the latest news and relevant sources for information that aligns with the generated article, thus creating up-to-date content that is beneficial for SEO​​. This is a great feature for your autoblogger.

Autoblogger Brand-tailored SEO Content

Journalist AI allows you to upload your own brand assets, including your website, YouTube videos, text documents, etc., to create a tailored knowledge base. The AI then enters a learning phase, refining its algorithm based on your assets, allowing for the generation of articles that reflect your brand's knowledge, context, and tonality​​.

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