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Exploring the great outdoors: A beginner's guide to hiking

Hiking is a form of outdoor activity that involves walking on trails or paths in natural environments such as forests, mountains, and parks.
Sample article

Top 5 National Parks to Visit this Summer

Yellowstone National Park is the perfect destination for those looking to witness the natural wonders of geysers and hot springs.

The AI SEO Writer that Auto-Publishes to your Blog

Generate, publish, syndicate and update articles automatically.

Plagiarism Free

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Articles in 30 seconds

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Feature-Rich, factual and SEO-Optimized Articles

Journalist AI SEO writer crafts well-structured, factual and tailored content that's optimized for search engines.

Google Compliant

It's equivalent to an expert writer, writing informed articles that make sense for your business. It delivers content that is SEO-friendly and follows Google's guidelines.

Relevant Images, Videos and Links

All articles include a featured-image and in-article images in relevant paragraphs. You can also choose to include relevant Youtube videos, as well as internal and external links.

Extensive Formatting

Articles look good and are properly formatted, containing all important HTML elements such as h2s, h3s, paragraphs, lists and tables.

Table of Contents

All articles include a thoughtful outline that makes sense from beginning to end. Content follows a natural flow to engage the reader and maximize read time.

Get 3 Free Articles

How our AI writer works

Input information about your business or product, and let Journalist AI SEO writer do the rest.


Generate Articles from Titles, Keywords or a Description

Generate articles based on keywords you want to rank for, or just tell us about your business & niche.

Alternatively, you can input specific titles for the articles. Every article will be totally unique.


Customize the Outline & Add a CTA

Set article length and take full control of the headings. You can add some headings manually and let the AI generate the rest contextually.

You can also add a CTA at the end of each article. Add custom sections, such as Key Takeaways, FAQ, and Conclusions.


Language, Tonality & Geo-Targeting

Write content in 150+ languages. Write in a Correct/Factual manner, all the way to Creative/Original. Apply a specific tonality, such as informal or persuasive.

Choose a target country to generate location-specific content. Change POV, Formality and more.


Generate & Publish Multiple Articles at Once

Choose how many articles should be generated, based on previous preferences. You can either download them as a zip file or publish in one-click to your website.

You can also let our AI schedule, generate and publish for you automatically with an AutoBlog.

Automate with AutoBlog

Automate article writing and publishing with our AI autoblogging feature.


Automatic Blog Publishing

AutoBlog allows you to automatically schedule or publish AI-written content. Run your blog on auto-pilot, making Journalist AI your full-time employee.


Integrate with Any Platform

Seamlessly publish with one-click integrations for WordPress, Webflow, Blogger, Shopify, Ghost, Wix, and Zapier.


Automatic Internal Linking

Automatically add internal links to generated articles. Our AI analyzes your website and intelligently places links in your articles to other pages on your site. The end result looks natural and boosts your SEO efforts.

external linking

Automatic External Linking

Automatically add external links to generated articles. Our AI analyzes the latest and most relevant souces of information that fit your articles. It will carefully place links according to the context and keywords you want to rank for.

Get 3 Free Articles

Upload your own Knowledge Base

Get articles that have in-depth knowledge about your current business.


Upload Assets

We'll analyse uploaded assets – website, video, text documents, or any other available information.

Learning Phase

Our AI will enter a learning phase, loading your assets and refining its algorithm.

Tailored Articles

You can now generate articles will reflect your business's knowledge and context.

Join 25,260+ business owners

Journalist AI is helping business owners save time and money in generating high-quality articles for their websites.

Damon Chen

I've got a deep dive article with real-time research from the internet that could save me countless hours and hundreds of dollars instead of hiring a ghostwriter.

Damon Chen

Christian N. Jacobsen

Having tried other tools, but this is the most complete solution. It also happens to be the most bang for your buck. It's now essential for 3 of my businesses. Highly recommended, 10/10.

Christian N. Jacobsen

Ian McEachern

It has allowed me to really increase the amount of posts I get through a week. The quality and depth of each article is great. I love the linking and other features. I'm a super happy customer!

Ian McEachern

James Taylor

It's causing me to lose sleep because I can't stop using it! I spent all of yesterday having fun creating hundreds of articles and brainstorming with my team.

James Taylor

Eric Vanier

We work in the database service sector and are amazed by how this platform's automation capabilities effortlessly create articles and blogs tailored to our industry needs. Highly recommended!

Eric Vanier

Hans-Peter Kok

As an entrepreneur, it's a valuable tool. Starting a blog is simple, but keeping it updated can be challenging. Journalist AI changes that, enhancing blogs with internal and external links for increased engagement.

Hans-Peter Kok

Stuart Brent

The three free articles are so good, I saved them to actually use them all, and now I'm signing up for a full account.

Stuart Brent

Paul Saunders

I work in the music industry and it's amazing that we can use the platform to create articles and blogs for our own business.

Paul Saunders

Toth Alpar

You guys are constantly improving the platform, so great job with that! I absolutely love it.

Toth Alpar

Marco Varela

One of the things I like most about it is that it's very easy to use. You simply select your niche, provide a topic, and the platform takes care of the rest.

Marco Varela

Andrew Bastary

The platform helps me quickly write draft articles from keywords I've looked up. It puts these articles on my blogs automatically, so I can then make changes as I like.

Andrew Bastary

Todd Daviau

Its profound depth has enhanced both my productivity and the quality of our blog. For anyone looking to elevate their work in the media industry, I cannot recommend Journalist AI enough.

Todd Daviau

Rupert Picardo

With integrations, the ability to create your own knowledge base for your brand, and your keywords - it helps you to churn out posts at scale.

Rupert Picardo

Todd Daviau

The real-time connection to current events and the ability to publish on WordPress with a single click makes it all the better. I've tried competitors and I'm a paying ChatGPT user, but nothing beats Journalist AI for content writing.

Todd Daviau

Brian Ebbesen

We primarily use it for link building and web 2.0 blogs. We've heavily reduced our reliance on external copywriters. It's been a game-changer for our agency!

Brian Ebbesen


Boost your workflow with the most complete AI writer on the market.


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Unlimited AutoBlogs

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Featured & In-Article Images

Youtube videos

Auto Keyword Research

Up to 500,000 words/month

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Business $79 / month

200 credits per month

All features in Solo, plus:

Up to 1 Sub-Account


Tailored content for Businesses

Knowledge Bases

Automated Social Media

Custom Images

Faster generation time

Webhooks available

Up to 1,000,000 words/month


Agency $259 / month

500 credits per month

All features in Business, plus:

Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Sub-Accounts

External API available

Live Chat on Slack

Up to 2,500,000 words/month


Pay as you go

Purchase one-time for a higher rate ( 1 = $0.80)

Includes all features in Solo except Integrations.

Credits do not expire and last forever.


1 credit


1 article

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Get 3 Free Articles

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Articles in 30 seconds

Join 25,260+ business owners

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